Group exhibition in the high-end gallery in dubai
Open Call for Physical Exhibition
in Sama-L-Ain Gallery
Deadline: April 10th, 2023

Submission fees:

50$ for up to three works or 60$ for up to six works

Choose, how many works you want to submit, pay the submission fee, then send your works to our email
Wow World Show is honored to organize an open call for a physical group exhibition in Sama-L-Ain Gallery in Dubai.
Sama-L-Ain is a high-end gallery located in one of the most touristic locations in Dubai – in the heart of the Dubai Marina.
It’s a unique opportunity for any artist to be exhibited in a gallery that showcased this year more than four Pablo Picasso pieces, and has a permanent exhibition of works by Banksy, Fano, Brigitte Nataf, Naho, Emmanuelle Rybojad among others.

Sama-L-Ain Gallery has agreed to give a chance to any living artist without limits of age, sex, nationality, culture, or at any stage of their career to participate in this juried competition, as long as their works fit the high standards of this renowned gallery.
You can submit up to three art works for 50$ or up to six works for 60$
Choose, how many works you want to submit, pay the fee
and send your works to our email
Please, read the Terms and Condition agreement below
and the submission requirements before applying.
Any submitted work that fails the submission requirement will be rejected
Terms and Conditions
Open Call for Physical Exhibition in Sama-L-Ain Gallery

Acceptance of Terms:

By applying to Open Call for Physical Exhibition in Sama-L-Ain Gallery in Dubai, you acknowledge full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

Submission Requirements

There will be accepted ONLY digital images/files of works in format of Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Sculpture.
Works must not exceed 2,4m height and 1,5m width, there is no weight limit.

Video or performances are NOT accepted.

All work must be submitted by email ONLY once you have paid the submission fee. DO NOT send us your works before paying the submission fee.

After paying the submission fee, email your images to

In the subject line put "Open call Sama-L-Ain".

Attach your images to this email and the payment receipt, do NOT send links, only attachments.

Include your name and artist name in this email.

To submit your works, follow the instructions below:
  • 1 step
    Choose the number of images you want to submit and press the button. You will be automatically redirected to PayPal website to complete the payment
  • 2step
    Pay the submission fee through PayPal account.
    Your application can be submitted only if the payment is made.
  • Final step - only after paying the submission fee
    Email us your artworks to and attach the payment receipt.
    Email subject - Open call Sama-L-Ain. Include your name, surname and artist name in the email. The number of sent artworks should not exceed the submission fee requirement.
Entry fees are not refundable. It means that they cannot be returned whether your works are rejected or selected.

Submission Fee:

$50 for up to 3 images, $60 for up to 6 images.

This is a juried exhibition and your submissions will either be accepted or rejected by the judge(s). Payment does not guarantee entry into the exhibition.

The Entry fee is non-refundable, when submitted artwork(s) is/are rejected by our juror(s) or artist withdraw accepted artwork from the exhibition.
Also, Sama-L-Ain reserves the right to refuse artwork(s) that are accepted but not professionally presented or that do not resemble original submissions or artwork(s) arrived after the artwork due date.
Refused entries or submissions are not eligible for refunds.

Event calendar
March 15th, 2023
Early Bird Application Deadline
April 10th, 2023
Last day to enter this juried competition
April 30th, 2023
Notification of acceptance
May 20th, 2023
Shipped artwork due
June 1st, 2023
Start of the group exhibition
June 14th, 2023
Last day of exhibition
June 21st, 2023
Shipped artwork returned
Sama-L-Ain Gallery Exhibition
Judging Process
All eligible entries will be judged by
Samuel Zekri, Sama-L-Ain Gallery owner, art dealer who sold artworks for more than 10 million dollars.

All Finalists will be invited to get exhibited in Sama-L-Ain Gallery and be listed for sales. The competition criteria are:
  • Quality
  • Artistic technique
  • Handling of medium
  • Composition
  • Originality
  • Overall impression/impact
  • Correspondence to overall gallery image
If you are selected for the exhibition,
you will have to ship your artwork to and from the gallery
Please DO NOT enter/submit your artwork for jurying if you are not able to follow through with the rules of entry/exhibit guidelines.
  • Accepted Artwork: Sales & Insurance
    • If you are accepted for this exhibit and sell your accepted artwork prior to the show, we recommend that you please sell it with the condition that it will be available for this exhibit. If that condition is not possible, please do not enter that artwork for a show. The Entry fee is non-refundable.
    • All the submitted works must be for sale.
    • All works submitted for this exhibit must be available for the show dates.
    • We will not exhibit substitutions.
    • Artwork prices may not be changed once submitted
    • Sama-L-Ain Gallery will charge an additional commission on all sales. This commission will be added to the sale price determined by the artist. The added commission will vary according to the artwork cost and attractiveness to buyers.
    • Sama-L-Ain Gallery ensures maximum care and custody of the works received, however it declines any responsibility for damage to the works, theft or loss by the courier and during the detention of the works. Any request for insurance must be signed by the artist himself.
  • Image use and copyrights
    Sama-L-Ain Gallery will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in publications and gallery publicity. Beyond such use, the artist retains full copyright of exhibited work.
  • Rights of Refusal
    Sama-L-Ain Gallery reserves the right to refuse artwork(s) that are not professionally presented, damaged or do not resemble original submissions. The accepted artwork(s) arrived after the artwork due date may not be included in the exhibit. Refused entries or submissions are not eligible for refunds.
  • Delivery and Return of Artwork
    All work accepted for the exhibition must arrive ready to install. Works not gallery-ready, or not exhibiting good craftsmanship, may be omitted from the exhibit. Accepted work that differs significantly from the entry images or suffers from poor presentation, will be disqualified.
    Please note that professional-level presentation and craftsmanship is a must. Work may be hand delivered or shipped. Shipped works must be sent in an easily reusable container/packaging with return shipping paid. All work must arrive at Sama-L-Ain Gallery by the artwork due date. Accepted work will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition. Works not claimed within 30 days of the end of the exhibit will become the property of Sama-L-Ain Gallery. The artists are responsible for all shipping costs to and from the gallery.

  • Shipping
    Artists are responsible for round-trip shipping & insurance of artworks (if required). Sama-L-Ain Gallery is not responsible for artwork damaged or lost during shipping. Parcel packaging must be suitable to re-use for return shipping.
You can submit up to three art works for 50$ or up to six works for 60$
Choose, how many works you want to submit, pay the fee
and send your works to our email
Contact us:
+971 55 669 5340
Wow World Show Event Organizers
Binghatti Views, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
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